Etiquette for Contacting Superstar Amazon Book Reviewers

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To me, this is whole new approach to getting your book reviewed on Amazon. Evidently there are superstar Amazon reviewers, and some of them don’t mind being contacted and asked to review your book.

Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer Dr. Bojan Tunguz tells you all about it:

As a top 50 Amazon reviewer (currently #17) and a Hall of Fame reviewer, I get a lot of requests every day from authors for reviews of their books. Writing reviews is a time-consuming process, and for the most part I don’t have the time to even reply to most of the requests, let alone to actually read and review the books. That said, I still do try to accommodate as many authors as possible, especially if I think that I’d enjoy reading their works. However, some authors make very basic and avoidable mistakes that instantly make me delete their message, or at the very least subject me to a less-than-enjoyable experience when dealing with them. If you are looking to approach an Amazon reviewer with a review request, I’d like to offer you a few tips on how to go about this. All of the tips below are based on my own experience.

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