The Kill Zone: But I Want Success Now!

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I find this encouraging: Everyone knows mega-selling author Dean Koontz. He’s been producing work for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when he wasn’t on the bestseller lists, but many don’t realize the dues he paid to get there. Before he published Whispers, his big breakout hit, he wrote thirty-eight novels in twelve years. During that time … Read More

Guy Kawasaki to Traditional Publishers: Your Days are Numbered – Forbes

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via Forbes: The process takes twelve to eighteen months to publish a book—Apple introduces new models of iPhones faster than that,” Kawasaki explains. In my interview with him, Kawasaki acknowledged that traditional publishers are behind, even detrimental to authors in some circumstances: “The issue is that they <publishers> are limited to the traditional way of making money: selling books printed on … Read More

Pros and Cons of Launching a Book on Kickstarter

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Seth Godin has put a lot of thought into this: The good news is that the enthusiasm and support that early adopters bring to the table is extraordinary. This is an untapped human need, and people (some people, anyway) really enjoy the role of patron and early supporter. Others, of course, magnify the impact of their investment and are hard … Read More

Huge Ebook Growth Continues

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Via As ebooks become a bigger piece of the publishing pie, growth as a percentage of the previous year’s total will continue to slow. But a 25% increase on $2 billion (basically where ebooks across the trade are headed this year) is about the same in actual dollars as a roughly 100% increase on $450 million (2011 vs. 2010).

Latest Thing: Selling Books via Bittorrent

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Innovated by the 4-Hour dude,  Tim Ferris. Last week, BitTorrent released an exclusive first look at Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Chef to help the author fight the Barnes & Noble boycott. This helping hand came in the form of a BitTorrent Bundle, featuring Part 1 of the book, interviews, photos, and so on. By the end of the day, the … Read More

From Forbes – Hi-Tech Ways to Promote Your eBook

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9 Ways Your Business Savvy Helps You Market Your Self-Published Book. Including: 5. Practice customer development with free content. Apply lean startup principles to your book through free excerpts. For example, why not use an A/B email campaign with two different opening scenes, or email bloggers with different excerpts and see which bloggers ask for interviews? Why not build a quick … Read More