No eBook Version of “Streetcar Named Desire” ?

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Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

My wife and I saw the 1951 version of “A Streetcar Named Desire” tonight. It differs from the play in a lot of ways, most of them fairly preposterous. I can’t find my copy, so I went on Amazon to get a new one for Kindle, but there doesn’t appear to be one. “Streetcar” is #2 on Goodreads’ Greatest American … Read More

Mark Coker: 21 Book Publishing Predictions for 2013: Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge

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A few of my favorites:. 2. Follow the eyeballs: 2013 will be the first year unit volume of ebooks exceeds print …..7. Passive discoverability trumps other book marketing methods … isn’t quite as important as most people think it is. Marketing is a catalyst, not a fuel. The book, and the customer’s reaction to that book, is the fuel. In … Read More

USA Today Launches eBook Publishing

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Everybody wants to get into the act. 🙂 USA Today joins a long list of non-book-publishing media companies to get into the ebook business in 2012. Most recently, Harlequin and Cosmopolitan magazine inked a deal to publish several ebooks a month together.Newsweek/Daily Beast entered into a partnership with Vook to publish ebooks. Playboy launched a series of shorts for the Kindle, the Washington Post announced an e-book … Read More

Huge Ebook Growth Continues

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Via As ebooks become a bigger piece of the publishing pie, growth as a percentage of the previous year’s total will continue to slow. But a 25% increase on $2 billion (basically where ebooks across the trade are headed this year) is about the same in actual dollars as a roughly 100% increase on $450 million (2011 vs. 2010).

New Self-Publishing Service from Simon & Schuster

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Via Digital Book World: Simon & Schuster is joining Penguin and other full-service publishers in entering into the self-publishing business. In partnership with Author Solutions (now owned by Penguin), the company is launching Archway Publishing, “a new self-publishing service with a focus on fiction, nonfiction, business and children’s categories,” … I hope they accept books in epub format, so that … Read More

New Previously Unpublished Kurt Vonnegut Fiction? Yes!

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Amazon found it and is releasing it as part of its new Kindle Serials program. With the cooperation of the Kurt Vonnegut estate, Amazon Publishing is releasing a collection of previously unpublished works by Vonnegut: six unpublished short stories (plus an additional unfinished science-fiction story) and one unpublished non-fiction essay, releasing today as a Kindle Serial for $2.99 under the … Read More