Guy Kawasaki to Traditional Publishers: Your Days are Numbered – Forbes

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via Forbes: The process takes twelve to eighteen months to publish a book—Apple introduces new models of iPhones faster than that,” Kawasaki explains. In my interview with him, Kawasaki acknowledged that traditional publishers are behind, even detrimental to authors in some circumstances: “The issue is that they <publishers> are limited to the traditional way of making money: selling books printed on … Read More

Mark Coker: 21 Book Publishing Predictions for 2013: Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge

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A few of my favorites:. 2. Follow the eyeballs: 2013 will be the first year unit volume of ebooks exceeds print …..7. Passive discoverability trumps other book marketing methods … isn’t quite as important as most people think it is. Marketing is a catalyst, not a fuel. The book, and the customer’s reaction to that book, is the fuel. In … Read More

Latest Thing: Selling Books via Bittorrent

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Innovated by the 4-Hour dude,  Tim Ferris. Last week, BitTorrent released an exclusive first look at Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Chef to help the author fight the Barnes & Noble boycott. This helping hand came in the form of a BitTorrent Bundle, featuring Part 1 of the book, interviews, photos, and so on. By the end of the day, the … Read More

From Forbes – Hi-Tech Ways to Promote Your eBook

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9 Ways Your Business Savvy Helps You Market Your Self-Published Book. Including: 5. Practice customer development with free content. Apply lean startup principles to your book through free excerpts. For example, why not use an A/B email campaign with two different opening scenes, or email bloggers with different excerpts and see which bloggers ask for interviews? Why not build a quick … Read More

Optimizing Your Amazon Book Listing To Increase Visibility

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From bookcovercafe: 2. Amazon’s Author Central This is an absolute must for every author. Amazon’s Author Central is where buyers and readers can discover more about you without leaving Amazon. Your author information can be found further down the page after the product details and reviews section. …3. Amazon book page ‘tags’ This is often forgotten by independent authors and publishers. … Read More

Brilliant book promotion advice from the 4-hour guy, Tim Ferriss

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Via MediaBistro: Ferriss also shared a few strategies for connecting with online readers. “Meet bloggers in real-life, and find those with interests close to yours.  Sending a press release or template email to 500 bloggers is a waste of time.  We’re not talking about a mainstream ABC or CBS audience; blogs succeed based on their specificity.  Get to know your … Read More