If you’ve ever wanted to have people hanging on your every word (or slide, or email or…) now’s your chance. You don’t have to be a Hollywood screenwriter or insider to create copy so compelling it keeps your readers hungry for more.

What You’ll Learn:

In Vik’s online Suspense Guru℠ webinars, he shares a step by step writing technique to create and sustain suspense in your writing. While learning the fine art of “Story Breaking,” you’ll sharpen your skills at grabbing your readers attention and taking them along on your literary rollercoaster. And don’t worry, Story Breaking isn’t just a technique for screenwriters and novelists – anyone who writes for a living including business professionals, journalists, or speechwriters can benefit from his technique.

The purpose of the Suspense Guru℠ online classes and live seminars is to share Vik’s experience in creating and sustaining suspense in your written work, whether you’re a novelist, poet or playwright; or even a business person or public speaker trying to add more sizzle to your presentation.

In the online seminars on Story Breaking, he teaches journalists, writers and business people to find the story, keep people’s interest and present it in a structured fashion.

In the Suspense Guru℠ online classes, you will learn exactly how to identify key elements of the writing process to create a story that will leave your audience hanging on your every word.  You will have the opportunity to work one on one with a Hollywood insider along with a carefully selected group of peers. You will learn the best techniques to identify your necessary plot elements and create the ongoing suspense to keep your audience hooked. You will come away with clear knowledge of a unique writing process that sets your work apart from the crowd. You’ll also work closely with Vik to develop a writing strategy, plot elements and ultimately a polished piece of writing. Suspense Guru℠ classes are taught in a way that make formerly complicated techniques easy to implement into your current writing style. Our goal is to give you tools that make your writing reach out from the page and grab your readers from the very first page and from chapter to chapter.

Discussion Points

  • What plot is and how to create it.
  • What suspense is and how to create it.
  • Story Breaking: How to break a story into scenes that carry plot and suspense, and keep your audience glued to the page/screen.
  • How to use these techniques in everyday writing – from emails to speeches

Students will be expected to complete assigned homework, attend live online classes as well as encouraged to offer feedback, advice and input to their classmates via a private members-only forum.

Vik will be reviewing your homework and interacting with you personally offline via email, asking you the key questions you need to answer to make your story electric.

This course is unlike any you’ve ever taken before. It’s fun and intense. It’s nervous making and exhilarating. It’s your chance to go behind the scenes and find out how scenes are created. And when you’re done you’ll have a story you can use in a screenplay, a short film, a YouTube video, or a novel — or in a business pitch or PowerPoint presentation.