iTunes Publishes Free NASA Book of Awesome Hubble Images

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Via Good E-Reader: Here’s what the iBookstore has to say, “Soar through the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope, exploring discoveries from dark energy to colliding galaxies. This highly interactive ebook features video, image galleries, and more to reveal the record of scientific breakthroughs behind Hubble’s stunning images of the cosmos.” You can find it on iTunes.

USA Today Launches eBook Publishing

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Everybody wants to get into the act. 🙂 USA Today joins a long list of non-book-publishing media companies to get into the ebook business in 2012. Most recently, Harlequin and Cosmopolitan magazine inked a deal to publish several ebooks a month together.Newsweek/Daily Beast entered into a partnership with Vook to publish ebooks. Playboy launched a series of shorts for the Kindle, the Washington Post announced an e-book … Read More

iPad Mini On Track to Outsell iPad

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It’s cheaper. It’s lighter. It’s easier to carry. “The iPad Mini apparently is selling better” than the new iPad 4, Hsieh said in response to an e-mail query. “It seems people especially like the size…[it’s] lighter, slimmer and easier to carry.”

Do Magazine Apps Suck?

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TechCrunch points out all the magazine apps that suck because they require you to download 100 to 700 megabytes of data. Amen to that. I had to stop using them for the same reason. But you know what I use every day on my iPad, that’s exactly like a magazine? Zite. It’s awesome. Techcrunch points out a magazine app that … Read More

Huge Ebook Growth Continues

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Via As ebooks become a bigger piece of the publishing pie, growth as a percentage of the previous year’s total will continue to slow. But a 25% increase on $2 billion (basically where ebooks across the trade are headed this year) is about the same in actual dollars as a roughly 100% increase on $450 million (2011 vs. 2010).