About Having Multiple Villains

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@Sylent_steel asked: @VikRubenfeld I'm writing a novel and putting a heavy dose of villains in act 2. Is that advised? — R Cox (@Sylent_steel) January 1, 2015 I replied: @Sylent_steel I love this question! Are the villains all working together? — Vik Rubenfeld (@VikRubenfeld) January 1, 2015 @Sylent_steel: @VikRubenfeld yes. All are part of same organization performing different functions and … Read More

Make Story Up as You Go, Or Work Backwards?

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@sharkimellow asked: @VikRubenfeld with stories that reveal something in the end, do you make it up as you go or do you work your way back and build up to it — Shaakira (@sharkimellow) December 19, 2014 To be sure, this is a matter of personal preference. At the same time, I replied: @sharkimellow In most cases it's better to … Read More

Tips for Novelists Interested in Writing for TV

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@sedoster asked: @VikRubenfeld Any tips for writers wanting to transition to tv? I write novels and comics, but know scripting for tv is much different. — GeekyAcrylics (@sedoster) December 30, 2014 This is a great question. And too big to be answered via Tweets alone. Here are a few tips. You can have a great novel without an antagonist (e.g. … Read More

All-Time Best Novels for Young Adults

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@bookuphoria asked: @VikRubenfeld What is one of your favourite novels of all time? Something you would recommend a young adult to read? — Rachel (@bookuphoria) December 17, 2014 I  replied: @bookuphoria I thought about this quite a bit. For young adults—Huck Finn, "All the Mowgli Stories" from The Jungle Books, &Sherlock Holmes. — Vik Rubenfeld (@VikRubenfeld) December 17, 2014 Timeless novels … Read More

The First Key Decision to Make When Starting a New Story

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I posted this on Twitter: Got a question about how to plot a story for novel/tv/film/play? Ask and I will answer via Twitter or blog post. 🙂 #amwriting — Vik Rubenfeld (@VikRubenfeld) December 14, 2014 I’m excited about this.  I got my first question this morning: @VikRubenfeld Want 2 write 3 short stories with the same theme either for tv or perhaps … Read More