Sandy & Patrick Jones: Anatomy of a Free Day with Amazon KDP Select

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A guest post on Renee Pawlish’s blog provides tips on using the free promotional features of Amazon’s KDP Select program:

I wanted to share some of the information I have gathered from two 2-day free events with Amazon. It took a while just to get to the point where I could understand some of the complexities of the industry. I have created a simple template to share with you in order to record your information whenever you begin a new campaign. You can print out this template and record the numbers manually if you like. For the purposes of this look-see I am limiting the data to February 1 & 2, as well as Feb 13 & 14, 2013, a snapshot in time. I will also draw some amateur conclusions from this set of data. It is not meant to be representative, as on any given day the data may not reproduce from one instance to another due to the variables noted above.

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