Mark Coker: Free Ebooks = Reviews = Future Sales

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via Mark Coker: 5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales – Listening to Readers.

What if you don’t have reviews? – This is as big of a problem as poor reviews. If your book has been out for more than three months and it’s not selling and you don’t have reviews, consider setting the price to free, at least for a limited time. What do you have to lose? Readers aren’t finding you anyway.

This is the course of action my wife and I selected with Boob Tube. For the first two years (2008-2009), Boob Tube sold horribly, maybe 20 copies total. It had only one or two reviews across all the retailers. My wife and I decided to set the price to free for six months. We got 40,000 downloads, a lot of reviews, and even our first fan mail (yay!). Then we set the price to $2.99 and it started selling. Without reviews at the retailers, Goodreads, LibraryThing and elsewhere, few readers will take a chance on you. FREE helps readers take that chance.


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