Headlines Implying that iPads Now Cost $799+? Not So!

Vik RubenfeldFor ReadersLeave a Comment

There are a lot of headlines today that seem to imply a new Retina-screen iPad will set you back $799 or more.

From CNET:

Apple unveils 128GB fourth-gen iPad starting at $799

From Techcrunch:

Apple Debuts 128GB Fourth Generation Retina iPad, $799 For Wi-Fi, $929 For Wi-Fi + Cellular, On Sale Feb. 5

From Gizmodo:

The 128GB iPad Is Real, It’s Here, and It’s Almost Definitely Not For You

When I saw these headlines I started thinking, “If a new iPad is $799, I’m getting something else.” But a quick visit to the Apple store shows that new Retina iPads continue to be available with 16GB at $499.

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