Do Magazine Apps Suck?

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TechCrunch points out all the magazine apps that suck because they require you to download 100 to 700 megabytes of data. Amen to that. I had to stop using them for the same reason.

But you know what I use every day on my iPad, that’s exactly like a magazine? Zite. It’s awesome.

Techcrunch points out a magazine app that they do like:

…look at Arment’s The Magazine. Each issue is just a few megabytes. Sure, there are no images and no ads, but even with a copious amount of those things, I bet each issue would still come in well under 50MB — one-tenth the size of the traditional magazines. These smaller files take seconds to download as opposed to several minutes (or longer) for the bloated turd magazines. And downloading in the background works flawlessly.

Are you using any magazine apps on your smartphone or tablet?

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