From Forbes – Hi-Tech Ways to Promote Your eBook

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9 Ways Your Business Savvy Helps You Market Your Self-Published Book. Including:

5. Practice customer development with free content.

Apply lean startup principles to your book through free excerpts. For example, why not use an A/B email campaign with two different opening scenes, or email bloggers with different excerpts and see which bloggers ask for interviews? Why not build a quick landing page with Launch Effect and test various one-line pitches of your book using Optimizely?

All simple tests you can kick off today to find out what works and what doesn’t before you publish.

6. Find the super fans super early.

I wanted to find my super fans super early. So, I made The Story of Dice available for pre-order to do just that. If someone loved the first chapter enough to pre-order the book, I knew they would be a super fan interested in the full story and would spread the word for the final book. I built personal relationships with those fans and reach out to them more frequently for feedback.

You can use services like Gumroad to sell pre-orders immediately, and to find those who are ready to be a part of your tribe.

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