Meet Vik Rubenfeld, the Suspense Guru™.


Vik Rubenfeld is an innovative renaissance man who does some of his best work behind the scenes. As the creator of the wildly popular genre busting series ‘90s CBS TV series Early Edition (which was syndicated in 73 countries and starred Kyle Chandler, of Friday Night Lights fame), Vik inspired a genre of forward thinking television content and led something of a small screen revolution. As the author of the recently published novel Conquest, which takes readers behind the scenes of the making of a rock ‘n’ roll band, he combined his love of pop culture with his entertainment industry knowledge. As the founder of Rubenfeld Research Associates (RRA), Vik uses his deep skills in data mining and technology to analyze and present information to clients in ways that allow them to best launch new products, target new clients and maximize their business potential.

Vik recently launched the Suspense Guru™ webinars and one on one mentoring to teach the best elements of suspense and storytelling to writers, business people and creatives.