Headlines Implying that iPads Now Cost $799+? Not So!

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There are a lot of headlines today that seem to imply a new Retina-screen iPad will set you back $799 or more. From CNET: Apple unveils 128GB fourth-gen iPad starting at $799 From Techcrunch: Apple Debuts 128GB Fourth Generation Retina iPad, $799 For Wi-Fi, $929 For Wi-Fi + Cellular, On Sale Feb. 5 From Gizmodo: The 128GB iPad Is Real, … Read More

How to Send Web Content to Your Kindle for PC/Mac

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via Good E-Reader: So I followed the article’s link to Amazon and I found that there is a whole slew of stuff that Amazon provides. There are browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that allow you to send news articles, blog posts, and other content to your Kindle with one click. An add-on for Safari is coming soon, they say. I … Read More

Ay Caramba – Is Windows 8 Toast?

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Readers considering the Microsoft Surface may want to consider this. Windows 8 has to run on a PC and on a tablet, which, at least in this version of Windows, is making it hard to use. Sales are below Microsoft’s expectations. As reported two weeks ago, I quickly encountered Windows 8′s split personality when I tried to use my new … Read More

Social E-Reading – the Ability to Be In Touch With Other People Reading the Same Book You Are

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This sounds exciting to me.  I’d like to exchange thoughts with other people reading the same book I am. Added bonus: BookShout can now import e-books purchased from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble. BookShout!’s social/e-reading platform debuted earlier this year on the iPhone and iPad, and is now available on iOS, Android and the Web, making it one of … Read More