e-Readers 2013

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via Peter Greenberg contributor Darra Stone: Simplicity is key for e-readers, but in the last year Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and some smaller players have found new ways to improve the basics.

How to Send Web Content to Your Kindle for PC/Mac

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via Good E-Reader: So I followed the article’s link to Amazon and I found that there is a whole slew of stuff that Amazon provides. There are browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that allow you to send news articles, blog posts, and other content to your Kindle with one click. An add-on for Safari is coming soon, they say. I … Read More

iPad Mini On Track to Outsell iPad

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It’s cheaper. It’s lighter. It’s easier to carry. “The iPad Mini apparently is selling better” than the new iPad 4, Hsieh said in response to an e-mail query. “It seems people especially like the size…[it’s] lighter, slimmer and easier to carry.”

Ay Caramba – Is Windows 8 Toast?

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Readers considering the Microsoft Surface may want to consider this. Windows 8 has to run on a PC and on a tablet, which, at least in this version of Windows, is making it hard to use. Sales are below Microsoft’s expectations. As reported two weeks ago, I quickly encountered Windows 8′s split personality when I tried to use my new … Read More

Nexus 10 Display to Out-Do iPad’s Retina Display

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300 pixels per inch vs. Apple’s 264 pixels per inch. I’m surprised to see this happen. Under Jobs, nobody caught up with Apple’s products.  When Microsoft came out with a Zune that matched the specs of the then-current iPod, Apple almost simultaneously came out with a new iPod that was a fraction of the size, making the Zune obsolete immediately. … Read More