Learn Story-Breaking from the Suspense Guru

Writers—Learn the secrets of plot and suspense in 4 Hours. You will learn:

  • How to create PLOT.
  • How to create SUSPENSE.
  • What ACT STRUCTURE is and what belongs in each Act of your story.
  • How to beat the dreaded “Second Act Slog”.
  • How to break your stories into scenes that move your plot forward so that your story holds the audience’s attention and never lets go.
  • How to add scenes that move your suspense forward so that your audience is irresistibly gripped.

Creator of The Hit CBS Series EARLY EDITION

Vik Rubenfeld is the Creator of the hit prime-time CBS series, EARLY EDITION, which has been seen in 73 countries around the world.


Lose the Blues

Lose the writing blues using techniques from The Suspense Guru!

For all writers

  • Novels
  • Screenplays
  • TV Episodes
  • Stage Plays
  • Short Stories
  • Short Films
  • YouTube Videos

Who This Course Is For

Beginning, intermediate, and even the most advanced writers can benefit from the keys to success Vik provides.


  • Learn the secrets of Act Structure
  • What belongs in Act 1, Act 2, Act 3
  • How to tell when Act 1 ends and Act 2 begins
  • How to tell when Act 2 ends and Act 3 begins


Always wanted to write?

Have you always wanted to write, but don’t know where to start? This course will light up your path like an airport runway!


  • How to begin developing your story.
  • How to structure the beginning, middle & end of your story.
  • How to create a compelling Act 3.
One single sentence will tell you what PLOT is!

Packed with Examples

Examples are so important. That’s why this class includes examples from perfectly structured films including:


Worksheets guide you through developing your own story outline

The class worksheets guide you every step of the way through applying what you learn to plotting your own story.

Click & Type Worksheets

Special files are included free for download that enable you to click and type right on the worksheet—no need to print out and write on the worksheet by hand.

One single sentence will tell you what SUSPENSE is!

Beautifully Produced

Beautiful colors, relaxing video, crisp animated titles.

Viks’ instruction is fun, friendly and supportive!

Students love it

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