Hot Stuff for Writers: Study of Hundreds of Authors Yields 50 Marketing Tips

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Bo Bennett has built a ebook company over the last two years that manages 2,000 titles. He’s just released a free book of promotion and marketing tips. Readers who think marketing advice is necessarily complicated, esoteric, and expensive will applaud Bo Bennett’s decision to release his new ebook ’50 Tips for Promoting and Marketing Your eBook’ at no charge through … Read More

Mark Coker: Free Ebooks = Reviews = Future Sales

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via Mark Coker: 5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales – Listening to Readers. What if you don’t have reviews? – This is as big of a problem as poor reviews. If your book has been out for more than three months and it’s not selling and you don’t have reviews, consider setting the price to free, at least for a limited … Read More

Ebook Prices Have Stabilized (at Least for the Moment)

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via Digital Book World – After a Roller-Coaster Ride, Ebook Prices Have Stabilized Somewhat in 2013: Prices have since stabilized at a low level as retailers and publishers jockey for position among consumers who generally like and want lower ebook prices. We are now seeing some of the largest publishers experiment with discounting even newer titles. This past week, the average … Read More

Will Google Compete with Amazon as a Bookseller?

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via TechCrunch:  Google Is Building A Same-Day Amazon Prime Competitor, “Google Shopping Express”: Google is stealthily preparing to launch an Amazon Prime competitor called “Google Shopping Express.” According to one source the service will be $10 or $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime, so $69 or $64 a year and offer same-day delivery from brick-and-mortar stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway … Read More

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags for Writers

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Novel Publicity provides a list of top hashtags for writers to use on Twitter: 2. #amediting – …and this is for when you’re editing your work. 3. #askagent – Some agents will answer questions that are tagged with this. You are following agents, right? 4. #fridayreads – So you can tell people what you’re reading. Happens every Friday. This is a great … Read More

Etiquette for Contacting Superstar Amazon Book Reviewers

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To me, this is whole new approach to getting your book reviewed on Amazon. Evidently there are superstar Amazon reviewers, and some of them don’t mind being contacted and asked to review your book. Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer Dr. Bojan Tunguz tells you all about it: As a top 50 Amazon reviewer (currently #17) and a Hall of Fame … Read More

50 Rudyard Kipling Poems Discovered!

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via The Guardian: A discovery in a lighter mood is a stash of comic verse that Kipling wrote on a ship sailing from Adelaide to Ceylon, which is believed to have been read aloud by the author to his fellow passengers. “It was a ship of the P&O / Put forth to sail the sea,” wrote Kipling, going on to … Read More

Joel Friedlander Launches New MS Word Templates for Self-Publishers

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Pro designer Joel Friedlander has just launched new templates for formatting self-published books using MS Word: Well, the day is finally here. After two years planning and five months of development, I’m please to announce the grand opening of As I’ve been saying all week, this is the result of accepting the reality that many authors choose to create … Read More