Bass player Reid Taylor is floundering and trying to find his place in life. Just when he’s at his lowest, he gets the opportunity to join a new band being put together by his friend Barry, a flaky but talented lead guitarist. The band begins making exciting songs. But Reid sees that brilliant drummer Clay Hicks is unstable, filled with terrible personal demons, a danger to himself and the band. Nobody wants to hear from Reid about it, because the music is sounding so good. But Clay’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic. When Reid falls in love with Kristy, the beautiful girl who loves him even when he’s broke and unknown, he begins to fear for her safety. As the band starts to get attention and perform, Reid alone is the one who faces up to the frightening truth: Clay’s demons are going to get somebody killed. It’s up to Reid to protect not only the band, but the lives of those he cares about, if he can—and in doing so maybe, just maybe, become who he really is.

Author Vik Rubenfeld describes a hyperreal world. You will almost hear the music the band is playing. Vik created the beloved and groundbreaking hit TV series Early Edition starring Kyle Chandler. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

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