I’m Honored to be Keynoting Book ‘Em NC!

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We are very excited about your upcoming appearance @VikRubenfeld at our #writers conference #book fair! http://t.co/KMo5klyin7 — Book Em NC (@BookEmNC) June 11, 2015 I will be giving the Keynote speech at the February 2016 Book ‘Em NC Writer’s Conference and Book Fair. The Book ‘Em Foundation was founded by suspense author p.m.terrell and Waynesboro, Virginia Police Officer Mark Kearney as a partnership between authors … Read More

What Number of Self-Pubbed Books Sold Impresses Big 6 Pros?

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What standard of achievement in terms of self-published book sales is the threshold for impressing pros in the traditional publishing world? Major book agent Mollie Glick. provides the answer: The Book Doctors: What is the threshold for sales of a self-published book that make you go, “Wow!”? And in what time frame are you looking for with these numbers? Mollie … Read More

Ebook Prices Have Stabilized (at Least for the Moment)

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via Digital Book World – After a Roller-Coaster Ride, Ebook Prices Have Stabilized Somewhat in 2013: Prices have since stabilized at a low level as retailers and publishers jockey for position among consumers who generally like and want lower ebook prices. We are now seeing some of the largest publishers experiment with discounting even newer titles. This past week, the average … Read More

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags for Writers

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Novel Publicity provides a list of top hashtags for writers to use on Twitter: 2. #amediting – …and this is for when you’re editing your work. 3. #askagent – Some agents will answer questions that are tagged with this. You are following agents, right? 4. #fridayreads – So you can tell people what you’re reading. Happens every Friday. This is a great … Read More

Nexus 10 Display to Out-Do iPad’s Retina Display

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300 pixels per inch vs. Apple’s 264 pixels per inch. I’m surprised to see this happen. Under Jobs, nobody caught up with Apple’s products.  When Microsoft came out with a Zune that matched the specs of the then-current iPod, Apple almost simultaneously came out with a new iPod that was a fraction of the size, making the Zune obsolete immediately. … Read More

“Fundamentals” Word Cloud

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Word cloud via wordle.net. This seems like a good occasion to recap the fundamentals – except, you can’t recap them. You have to see them for yourself. The thing that a work of art achieves can’t be expressed in any merely intellectual words.