Why Amazon’s Patent to Sell Used eBooks May be Totally Cool

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What would happen to writers if their books are sold without any potential for them to make a living from it? I was originally very concerned when I heard reports stating that Amazon had a new plan to enable people to sell their “used” ebooks. The reports make no mention of the original author being involved in the transaction. It’s hard … Read More

Apple Launches Special Section for Self-Published iBooks

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Via The Verge. One major benefit of ebooks doesn’t necessarily apply directly to readers — digital reading has made it a good deal simpler for aspiring authors to self-publish books and sell them through huge storefronts like Amazon’s Kindle Store or Apple’s iBookstore. Now, Apple is making an effort to do more promotion for those indie authors by means of … Read More

Amazon to Launch Its Own Currency?

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Are we going to start buying e-books with Amazon e-bucks? Amazon is launching its own private currency:. Amazon has just announced a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire owners to use on in-app purchases, app purchases, etc. in the Amazon Appstore. The service will launch in May, at which point Amazon will be giving away tens of millions of dollars worth … Read More

e-Readers 2013

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via Peter Greenberg contributor Darra Stone: Simplicity is key for e-readers, but in the last year Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and some smaller players have found new ways to improve the basics.

Like AudioBooks? They’re on the Rise, Big Time

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via ePublish a Book. According to a survey conducted by the Audio Publisher Association APA published last December, the size of the market for audio-books has grown to $1.2 billion for 2013. This is up from $800 million in 2011 and $1 billion in 2012, a steady and consistent growth. Interested in creating an Audiobook? Jeff Bennington talks about a way … Read More

Headlines Implying that iPads Now Cost $799+? Not So!

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There are a lot of headlines today that seem to imply a new Retina-screen iPad will set you back $799 or more. From CNET: Apple unveils 128GB fourth-gen iPad starting at $799 From Techcrunch: Apple Debuts 128GB Fourth Generation Retina iPad, $799 For Wi-Fi, $929 For Wi-Fi + Cellular, On Sale Feb. 5 From Gizmodo: The 128GB iPad Is Real, … Read More

The Kill Zone: But I Want Success Now!

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I find this encouraging: Everyone knows mega-selling author Dean Koontz. He’s been producing work for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when he wasn’t on the bestseller lists, but many don’t realize the dues he paid to get there. Before he published Whispers, his big breakout hit, he wrote thirty-eight novels in twelve years. During that time … Read More