Etiquette for Contacting Superstar Amazon Book Reviewers

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To me, this is whole new approach to getting your book reviewed on Amazon. Evidently there are superstar Amazon reviewers, and some of them don’t mind being contacted and asked to review your book. Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer Dr. Bojan Tunguz tells you all about it: As a top 50 Amazon reviewer (currently #17) and a Hall of Fame … Read More

Joel Friedlander Launches New MS Word Templates for Self-Publishers

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Pro designer Joel Friedlander has just launched new templates for formatting self-published books using MS Word: Well, the day is finally here. After two years planning and five months of development, I’m please to announce the grand opening of As I’ve been saying all week, this is the result of accepting the reality that many authors choose to create … Read More

Twitter Etiquette

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Jeff Bullas offers some excellent rules of Tweeting. I found the following two particularly useful: Rule #2 Please, please don’t use more than 3 hashtags in a tweet. If you do use three hashtags, do it sparingly. It’s just annoying. Rule #3 This rule is going to go against what most “tweeps” believe! Don’t strive for followers. Strive for engagement. … Read More

Hilarious Reasons Publishers Rejected Harry Potter and Other Classic Best-Sellers

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via And did you know this? Author J.K. Rowling might have approximately all of the money now, but things didn’t start out that way. Once upon a time, Rowling was living off of government assistance, retyping complete copies of the manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to send out to publishers because she was too broke to … Read More

Why Amazon’s Patent to Sell Used eBooks May be Totally Cool

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What would happen to writers if their books are sold without any potential for them to make a living from it? I was originally very concerned when I heard reports stating that Amazon had a new plan to enable people to sell their “used” ebooks. The reports make no mention of the original author being involved in the transaction. It’s hard … Read More

Apple Launches Special Section for Self-Published iBooks

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Via The Verge. One major benefit of ebooks doesn’t necessarily apply directly to readers — digital reading has made it a good deal simpler for aspiring authors to self-publish books and sell them through huge storefronts like Amazon’s Kindle Store or Apple’s iBookstore. Now, Apple is making an effort to do more promotion for those indie authors by means of … Read More

Amazon to Launch Its Own Currency?

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Are we going to start buying e-books with Amazon e-bucks? Amazon is launching its own private currency:. Amazon has just announced a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire owners to use on in-app purchases, app purchases, etc. in the Amazon Appstore. The service will launch in May, at which point Amazon will be giving away tens of millions of dollars worth … Read More