What Number of Self-Pubbed Books Sold Impresses Big 6 Pros?

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What standard of achievement in terms of self-published book sales is the threshold for impressing pros in the traditional publishing world? Major book agent Mollie Glick. provides the answer: The Book Doctors: What is the threshold for sales of a self-published book that make you go, “Wow!”? And in what time frame are you looking for with these numbers? Mollie … Read More

Off-Topic but Funny

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http://youtu.be/4krCLa7-F-c This was one of the first 3D movies my wife and I saw together. We liked it. 90 minutes of food jokes, but they keep being funny. 🙂 I watched it last year on a 3D TV and, unlike most 3D movies I see that way, it gave me a headache.  I’m guessing they’ve improved the 3D for the … Read More

Marilyn Monroe’s Reading List

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Via GalleyCat and Gothamist: Library Thing has made a list of 261 titles that were a part of Monroe’s personal library. Books on the list include: Out Of My Later Years by Albert Einstein; Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert; The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner; as well as poetry collections from Robert Frost, John Milton, and Edgar Allen … Read More

Hot Stuff for Writers: Study of Hundreds of Authors Yields 50 Marketing Tips

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Bo Bennett has built a ebook company over the last two years that manages 2,000 titles. He’s just released a free book of promotion and marketing tips. Readers who think marketing advice is necessarily complicated, esoteric, and expensive will applaud Bo Bennett’s decision to release his new ebook ’50 Tips for Promoting and Marketing Your eBook’ at no charge through … Read More

Mark Coker: Free Ebooks = Reviews = Future Sales

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via Mark Coker: 5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales – Listening to Readers. What if you don’t have reviews? – This is as big of a problem as poor reviews. If your book has been out for more than three months and it’s not selling and you don’t have reviews, consider setting the price to free, at least for a limited … Read More

Ebook Prices Have Stabilized (at Least for the Moment)

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via Digital Book World – After a Roller-Coaster Ride, Ebook Prices Have Stabilized Somewhat in 2013: Prices have since stabilized at a low level as retailers and publishers jockey for position among consumers who generally like and want lower ebook prices. We are now seeing some of the largest publishers experiment with discounting even newer titles. This past week, the average … Read More

Will Google Compete with Amazon as a Bookseller?

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via TechCrunch:  Google Is Building A Same-Day Amazon Prime Competitor, “Google Shopping Express”: Google is stealthily preparing to launch an Amazon Prime competitor called “Google Shopping Express.” According to one source the service will be $10 or $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime, so $69 or $64 a year and offer same-day delivery from brick-and-mortar stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway … Read More