About Having Multiple Villains

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@Sylent_steel asked:

I replied:


I responded:

This turned out to be just what @Sylent_steel needed to know:

I was very glad to help @Sylent_steel out with this. And I think his focus on “villain interaction” is exciting and original!

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5 Comments on “About Having Multiple Villains”

  1. In world building for an epic fantasy. I’m using the characters thoughts and actions (both heros and villains) to reveal more off the world. My biggest problem is too many characters. I already cut like 6. How can i tell if there are still to many?

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  3. OK. I strongly believe you need a hierarchy of villains. Otherwise, as each malefactor is subdued, it’s a mere repetition of something already seen, particularly if there’s little differentiation between them–Red John, Blue Bill, Puce Bruce, and so on. Structurally, the Final Confrontation requires an ÜberRapscallion–not just Vermillion Maximillian.

    A coterie of thugs resembles the naughty counterpart to an ensemble plot–you never get to characterize each thug/thugette enough to make the audience loathe them properly. Six rogues, six escalating punt-the-pooch moments required–way too long.

    My advice? Construct one really, really nasty evildoer (“eebuhdoouh”) and gradually pull out all the stops, giving him a character arc that makes Hannibal Lecter look like Hildegarde of Bingen.

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