Brilliant book promotion advice from the 4-hour guy, Tim Ferriss

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Via MediaBistro:

Ferriss also shared a few strategies for connecting with online readers. “Meet bloggers in real-life, and find those with interests close to yours.  Sending a press release or template email to 500 bloggers is a waste of time.  We’re not talking about a mainstream ABC or CBS audience; blogs succeed based on their specificity.  Get to know your ideal outlets, meet these people in person, and develop real friendships with those who could (outside of selling books) be your long-term friends.”

Ferriss concluded: “Taking this approach, if it results in three close friendships, is worth 1,000 mass email blasts, if not more.  For my first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, which has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 3+ years unbroken, what was the marketing plan?  Famous tech blogger Robert Scoble described my intricate plan as “get drunk with bloggers.”  Not far off.  I spent almost all of my budget, nearly $8,000, on flying to conferences like SXSW in Austin to meet tech thought leaders in person. Go deep or go wide?  I suggest going an inch wide and a mile deep, not vice-versa.”

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